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Architecture Architecture (1500-)
Great buildings and architectural features.
Astronomy Astronomy (0001-)
The science of space observation from Earth and from space in all wavelengths.
Botany Botany (0001-)
The study of the plant kingdom and how humans have influenced it.
Chemistry Chemistry (0150-)
Inorganic and organic chemistry.
Colonization & Conquest Colonization & Conquest (0001-)
Human territorial expansion either by force of arms or through colonisation.
Computers Computers (1623-)
The history of computers from the first mechanical machines through to modern microprocessor systems.
Cosmology Cosmology (1632-)
The science of the very small to the very large from quarks to quasars.
Disasters Disasters (0164-)
Natural disasters, accidents and incidents from all around the world.
Entertainment Entertainment (1510-)
The story of how humanity chooses to entertain itself through performace in many media.
Games Games (0500-)
Early Literature Early Literature (1500-)
The art of the written word.
Mathematics Mathematics (0190-)
The study of mathematics that underpins all science.
Music Music (0996-)
Audible art from the classics to modern day music.
Early Painting Early Painting (1500-)
Visual art in two dimensions.
Sculpture Sculpture (1500-)
Visual art in three dimensions.
Technology & Engineering Technology & Engineering (0050-)
Key technological developments throughout human history.
Trade & Commerce Trade & Commerce (1100-)
Zoology Zoology (0500-)